Catching Up with Leen in Harajuku

A few days ago, I met up with my bestfriend here in Japan, Leen!

We were each other’s Valentine last February. We had totoro cream puffs and we went to Inokashira Park. Finally, after months and months.. we made time for catching up! We planned this a month before, haha!


Icecream bag for a sundae lover like me ~


Leen’s shoes were the bomb that day. Yohji Yamamoto, folks!


Passed by this random rainbow building we discovered in Harajuku.

kaila-leen.jpg kaila-leen.jpg

Purikura just like the old times!

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Kaila in Yukata Preview + Bon Festival in Urawa + Daikanyama with Sig

Hello everyone~

Before I go to bed after a long day, here’s a “very Japanese” blog entry again, haha.

As always, I’ve been juggling a lot of activities and projects recently. Hopefully.. everything would work out fine in the end. 🙂 Just going to remind myself over and over that I have to enjoy the breaks, struggles, and the entire craziness of it all. *gives self a pep talk*

ALSOOOOO… I have a big announcement these coming days too. Praying that it wouldn’t be jinxed! Fight.jpg >_<


Weeks ago, I had a mini kawaii photoshoot wearing a Yukata with Justin. I cannot wait to share the photos here ~

For now, here’s a preview! hihi


– End of Teaser –


Spotted these dioramas while strolling around the mall.

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Urth Caffe with Laura & Allie, Pompompurin Cafe with Yza, and Anne Kate’s Inspirational Dream

Hello, hello!

This is going to be a long blog entry! Lots of meet-up stories with creative friends, inspirational dreams unlocked, and some personal thoughts from yours truly.

But first, let’s have some ramen! 🙂


Terribly craving for ramen yesterday (haven’t had one in months!). Luckily, I was just around the area of ramen restaurants.

I blame instagram for making me crave for ramen even if I just ate lololol.


It’s been raining since last week here in Tokyo / Saitama. Sun, please come out soon!


Craved for soba so… there. Lolol what’s up with me and my cravings?

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