Spring in Japan With My Family ?

Hi everyone!

Here’s a quick update and some photos from our family vacation here in Tokyo.

It’s been real fun so far & I’m so happy that I get to show them around places that I also enjoy.

Ever since, my parents have always been hardworking and busy at work…. so this trip really means a lot to all of us. I still do not know how this trip came possible (to save up for the three of us seemed impossible omg) but I strongly believe that there was a divine intervention along the way. Haha!

I’m planning on making a more “descriptive” blog entry in the future but for now, these will do! ; )

Wore kimono and strolled around Asakusa. It was their first time to experience this! ?

Read my Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo experience at their Sensoji branch here!

Yesterday night, out of impulse, I made a line blog. It’s for my Nihongo practice! 頑張ります!


Sharing shiba inu and cat cuteness ~

Hobonichi-ing during the trip!

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An Unforgettable Summer in Boracay

Hi everyone! 🙂

Last week, my friends (Chichi, Francis, Kaye, Ashley & Justin) spent an unforgettable week in Boracay Island together.

Here are some photos from the trip.



Banana shake everyday please!


Support the locals by purchasing their handicrafts! 🙂


Me trying (or struggling lol) to get that “Baywatch” photo hahaha


White sand beach!


When in Boracay, one should try dining at the Sunny Side Cafe. I highly recommend their Tapsilog!


Taking my time at Crystal Cove, haha


Tricycle rides every morning and evening! 🙂

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Missing Philippines

Even if I am comfortably living a first world life here in Japan, I will always miss Philippines.

Oh how I wish that my home is just a jeepney / train ride away. If that is so, I would definitely go back and forth every so often. But alas, I am still dreaming of the day when I can just book anytime I want. Still daydreaming and working everyday on how to make these crazy thoughts inside my head possible.

I will make it possible. ぜったい. 

For now, I’ll just treasure and keep these beloved memories when I was in PH / whenever I’m in Manila.. inside my heart. And of course, I’ll just immortalize these fun moments through this blog. ^^

Photo 9-25-15, 1 24 20 PMrainbowholic manila life

Doki doki time. Excited to see my family after more than half a year!

Photo 9-25-15, 4 41 34 PMrainbowholic manila life

Had sisig for my first meal in Manila with my parents

Photo 9-26-15, 3 24 19 PMrainbowholic manila life

Watching shows with my niece, Riona

Photo 9-26-15, 3 52 07 PMrainbowholic manila life

Transformed my brother’s room to my mini working space.

Photo 9-26-15, 5 00 11 PMrainbowholic manila life

Chocnut time!

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Spending Christmas and New Year in Manila

Konbanwa~  :happy:

I’m so happy that (finally) I get to blog about my Philippine vacation during the holidays~! Even though my airplane rides were quite inconvenient, my vacation was well-spent with my family and friends.

I don’t regret buying (a somewhat) overpriced ticket for all the memories I’ve made during my last days of 2012. :”) Thank you to my mom who sponsored it with me ;_;

If you are a reader from 3 months or before, you’d know that the last few months had been quite a tough time for me. Coming home was such a prize …!!!  Home-cooked meals, lazy days in my pajamas, going to mass with the family, reconnecting with friends.. life couldn’t get better during that time. 🙂 It was something I really looked forward ever since life happened.


This is going to be really photo heavy. Heavier than the usual because this doesn’t only contain the usual kawaii spam, but a bit of more of my personal life I wish to share. Hehe 😛


Home Sweet Home


I had a stopover at Hongkong and because of the baggage limit (this is why I don’t recommend Cathay Pacific anymore.. they are SO strict with the baggage! Had to shell out a lot of money for my boxes huhu)..

Also, I carried those two big boxes you see.. because I had to save up for the weight. It really felt like I was an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) coming home with “Balikbayan” boxes. Maybe I am actually one right now, haha~ still in denial though.. I feel like a tourist in Japan, not a worker.  :what:

At least they served me delicious food! I booked my flight via expedia and had to select my food choices~ yay for Low Fat food!

Ever since my (life-changing) airplane ride from Amsterdam last year because of a mild gallbladder attack, I always have to think of what I eat….

Veggies, fruits, wheat bread.. this is healthy heaven for me hehe.

While on HK international airport, my Rilakkuma radar was on and saw these *_*

After a long flight and experience Christmas jungle in NAIA terminal, finally had dinner with my parents! <3

BANGUS i missed you huhuhuhu

Our home with our big Talisay tree. <3

Rainbows welcomed rainbowholic me! 😀

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