Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas + Stationery Girls Fair in Tokyo + VIDEOS!

Hi everybody!

Before I go to sleep and wake up early later (I set my alarm at 5:45am everyday lol why)… just gonna plug & share some of my recent video updates!

Can’t believe that my “12 Days of Kawaii Journaling & Crafting” is actually pushing through! It’s tiring but I really enjoy content creation work while I juggle it with my 2 jobs.

I’ll probably write a major life update blog entry soon but for now, I just want to concentrate on making these video ideas into reality! Hope you guys enjoy my videos~! Don’t forget to subscribe to Rainbowholic TV on youtube! 

文具女子博 2017 (Tokyo Girls Stationery Fair) VLOG | Rainbowholic ?

KAWAII GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS ( プレゼントのラッピング方法 ) | Rainbowholic ?

Hobonichi Techo With Me | Ultra Violet & Millennial Pink ( ほぼ日手帳 ) ?

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Gudetama Vending Machine + Kawaii Squishies + Train Stamps in Japan

Hi everyone!

I’ve just finished my day job today & I suddenly felt like blogging to unwind and relax tonight. Gotta unload, lol!

My brain has been producing a lot of ideas that keep me awake at night and here are some of results because of that! :))

How To Make Gudetama Capsule Toy Vending Machine | ぐでたまガチャポン BOX ♡

( When you collab with your boyfriend to make artsy creations like this lol )

1. Pekotama & Gudechan sticker sheet lololol

2. Gudetama Dream Package Video + Gudetama Box

3. Pekochan cuteness everywhere ~

Gudetama’s Christmas spirit is inspiring lol

Kawaii Japanese Kanahei Squishy Unboxing ( かなヘイスクイーズ ) | Rainbowholic ?

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Video Spamming by Kaila

Lately, I have been busy getting myself lost in Tokyo (either because of lack of sleep or Google Maps would just refuse to work), going home late at night because of events and dinners (sounds sophisticated but not really haha), and just making the most of my youth and life. You know the feeling of tiredness and you just want to go home and curl up in your bed.. but you’re smiling like a fool? I could say I have been so foolish lately. If you get my logic~   :cheer:

I have never felt this fulfilled in my entire life (aside from my work in my school organization before) by doing the stuff that I love (for free, yup).. and receiving overflowing of encouragement and positive feedback out of it. I do other stuff like a ninja which I would probably reveal after n number of years but this is just different. When you thought that there is no such thing as “an-email-can-change-your-life“…. well, it has happened to me and has definitely changed my life!  It was just really one random night of “one-shot” email to my forever fashion x photography inspiration, the Tokyo Fashion team. Whenever we would meet up and joke around with each other– sometimes I’d space out when any of them talks to me (Hi Timu-san and Forest Girl <–I’m bored so I’m making codenames) or Photographer Kira-sama wants my life to be miserable outside class by making me converse in Japanese. Or the forever cute Momo-chan/sempai who would be so friendly and hug me whenever we’d meet up or part ways. If ever I’d decide to quit my Japanese school, you guys can blame them. Haha!

Anyhoooo here are my “inside the train / while waiting for the pedestrian crossing light” ideas came alive. Haha, is it weird if I say that I sometimes visualize the scenes in a video in the most random places?  :tss:


Design Festa #34, Asia’s Biggest Art & Craft Party


Hello Kitty x Forever 21 Shibuya Launch Party 

(Full event coverage by me, check it out!)


Shinjuku, City in Motion

While you’re at it, make sure you like Tokyo Fashion’s facebook page for the constant updates of the most fashionable in the streets of Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku.. or just wherever here in Tokyo.  :heart:


Still have kanji and quizzes for tomorrow and I must do my best this time! ぜひ!