A Kaleidoscope Attempt + A Date with Myself

Yesterday, I woke up early and had the sudden urge to finish this project I’ve been having in mind for weeks.

A DIY kaleidoscope.

I wanted to make a kaleidoscope with the tube instead.. but the recyclable materials just have to disappear when you need them most.

View from inside.

Still not satisfied : (

I will make a better one instead! More sparkly!!


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Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Love

A few days ago, my brother and I were searching for my (lol, possessive) anglomania shoes in an online auction website. The next day, I found it was already bought because the item page was already closed! I got so frustrated because he was telling me I should’ve bought it the other day.

Yesterday night, my brother told me to open the package that will arrive this morning because it might spoil (hinting that there is food inside, and I must place it inside our ref)….

And to my surprise….