Awesome Winter Vacation Ahead!

Before I start with the real post, here’s our “graduation photo” that we took with my camera last week. Who’s holding the remote? Haha~

After JLPT and 9AM classes every weekday… we all deserve a happy winter vacation for all of us! Otsukaresamadeshita, mina-san~!

My winter vacation started off with an onsen / hotspring treat! I was with my brother and his girlfriend. I love hotsprings!

And at night or just during my idle time, I watch Detective Conan. It has over 600+ episodes so I just watch random cases.

Trivia: I love Detective-themed animes! Like Detective School Q, even Death Note.. I’m not really an otaku but I like “guessing” while watching shows : )


2 days ago, I’ve finally revisited Nippori (Tokyo’s Fabric Town) after so long!

Book vending machine at the right~ wow  :blank:

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