The Icicles of Misotsuchi (三十槌の氷柱) at Chichibu, Saitama

Hello 皆さん!

Last weekend, I had a spontaneous adventure with Justin at Chichibu, a city located in Saitama prefecture. We went to see the beautiful Icicles of Misotsuchi! It was my first time to see icicles in real life. *_*

One of my 2016 goals is to explore the place I call “home” (for almost 5 years) here in Japan. I also want to introduce these places in Saitama through my photos & blog entries. Luckily, Justin and I have the same hobby / passion over Japan travel and taking photos (after all, he’s a professional photographer.. and I’m the pretentious one, haha!).. so yay, I got to tag along with him this time! :)) We just talked about this maybe just 12 hours before the trip, haha! And based on his research, last weekend would be the last for the icicle viewing / “light up”. I’m not so sure about this, though! ^^

Photo 2-13-16, 3 35 41 PM icicles of misotsuchi chichibu saitama

Overall, our journey was fun and a bit stressful at some point. :)) Stressful because I mainly just followed him & just contributed a little bit of my (poor) navigational skills, haha. I think that my role was to be the overly optimistic / annoying adventure travel partner. He is better at reading maps / figuring out where to head to.. while me on the other hand, quite the opposite, haha! I’m more of a “whatever goes” person :)))

Photo by

It’s amazing how the Japanese would even think of installing “lights” for travelers here! Genius idea, right? 😀



Anyway, let me take you with us in our adventure with these photos & captions below! 😉

DSCF6225 icicles of misotsuchi chichibu saitama

DSCF6208 icicles of misotsuchi chichibu saitama

Spotted a rare KitKat flavor (Japanese Sake, anyone?!) at a random food stall while waiting for our train.

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Vintage and Polkadots + Costco Time! + The Happy Squirrel

Before going to Manila, my family here in Japan went out for a bit to enjoy the holiday season.  :happy:

I wore this super cute and simple dress from Make Amend by Cassandra. Very fitting for the Christmas vibe, don’t you think? <3

Perfect day to drive around Saitama.  :star:

The whole coordinate~ If only I could wear this pair of red heels outside, I would. Haha!

Wearing Bow from Tiara by Tracy Dizon & Make Amend Vintage dress <3

My Rilakkuma hug buddy with the Happy Squirrel Chisa

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