Gudetama Festival in Yokohama 🍳 + My New Doughnut Backpack! 🍩

Hello rainbow fam!

Last April 1st, we traveled to Yokohama for the Gudetama Festival to celebrate Gudetama’s 5th year anniversary! Aki and I had the best time of our lives, haha!

~ watch the vlog here yay ~

(does anyone know what kind of flower is this?)

What a delightful sight, Gudetama’s butt!

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Rainbowholic’s First Time in Yokohama + The Cup Noodles Museum

I have been planning to go to Yokohama for a long time but it was only today that I could… and I’M SO HAPPY ;____;

I traveled so far! It was 33 stations away from Kita Urawa using Kehin Tohoku Line and Minato Mirai Line!!! I always use the google maps first before going out and the result shocked me @____@


From Saitama to Kanagawa @_@

I didn’t mind sitting for a long time because when I rode the train, it was around 3:00pm-ish and the view was perfect!

Good thing I brought a book with me..  :pink:

After dozing off for an hour or so, I’ve finally arrived!  :happy:

As usual, malls are always right beside train stations. So convenient for everyone..


Spotted this Totoro / Ghibli stall ;_; TOTOROOO Y U SO CUTE

AHHH, Doraemonnn! My next stop would be Doraemon / Fujiko’s Museum. It’s so hard to reserve a ticket ;_;

Yokohama is known for rollercoasters / COSMO WORLD~! I love this art piece… I wonder how they did this @_@

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