Kawaii Yukata Date with Ashley ?

Hi everybody!

Ashley is back in Kanto / Saitama! On her first day (with only 2 hours of sleep omg haha), we explored our neighborhood in Yukata!

IMG_0652 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

Flatlay on my room’s tatami floor ~

IMG_0734 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

Japanese summer means ice popsicles!

IMG_0724 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

Moshi, moshi!

IMG_7299 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

Petite pancakes from Mcdonald’s for breakfast.

IMG_0773 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

IMG_0696 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

IMG_0775 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

How to pose like an awkward turtle

IMG_0750 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

How to be a natural in front of the camera :))

IMG_0664 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

IMG_0666 rainbowholic ashley dy summer kawaii yukata

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Kaila in Yukata Preview + Bon Festival in Urawa + Daikanyama with Sig

Hello everyone~

Before I go to bed after a long day, here’s a “very Japanese” blog entry again, haha.

As always, I’ve been juggling a lot of activities and projects recently. Hopefully.. everything would work out fine in the end. 🙂 Just going to remind myself over and over that I have to enjoy the breaks, struggles, and the entire craziness of it all. *gives self a pep talk*

ALSOOOOO… I have a big announcement these coming days too. Praying that it wouldn’t be jinxed! Fight.jpg >_<


Weeks ago, I had a mini kawaii photoshoot wearing a Yukata with Justin. I cannot wait to share the photos here ~

For now, here’s a preview! hihi


– End of Teaser –


Spotted these dioramas while strolling around the mall.

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Antique Jamboree, Rainbow Ferris Wheel, Tokyo Bay Fireworks 2015 in Odaiba


Yesterday, we went to Antique Jamboree that was held at Tokyo Big Sight. We spent 2-3 hours roaming around the convention area.

Our original plan was to just visit the fair but we found out that there would be a fireworks festival / hanabi …… so our plans changed, hehe. We also visited the Palette Town for the rainbow daikanrasha ~


Loving this art <3


Known as the largest antique event in Japan, the Antique Jamboree welcomes as many as 500 unique vendors from all over the country. A vast variety of items with different tastes and styles are brought in, including both Japanese and western antiques as well as collectible toys, to provide antique fans with a fun experience of antique hunting. The “shuri-ya yokocho (antique repair street),” a popular feature of the event, also returns this year with skilled antique repairmen who offer advice on repairing porcelains and potteries, furniture, precious metal items, jewelries, toys, watches, silver items and more. A talk show by these repairmen is also scheduled during the fair. (Source: Go Tokyo)


Had tempura don for late lunch ~


Saw tall sunflowers while walking around. Himawari かわいい!


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Sakura & Yukata Miku + My First Re-Ment + Kawaii in Manila BIG Giveaway + Random Updates (so many plus signs lol)

Hello, hello, hello 皆様〜 (mina-sama / everyone)!

Just a quick kawaii spam of updates!


If you’ve been following my instagram, you’d know that I’m fascinated with kawaii toys. I don’t know why but taking photos / playing with these mini toys has become a me-time for me (after a whole day’s work in front of the computer). At the same time, my creative skills are being challenged.. and I love creative exercises~ :))) Just recently, I received my first nendoroid toys featuring Hatsune Miku! Japan / World’s most-loved Vocaloid?? :))  :yay:

Speaking of toys, JapanLover.me has interviewed Brickaholic! His collection of toys + funny toy photography ideas actually influenced me to become a starting toy collector as well.. As of now, I just have a little bit of everything (Pullip, Blythe, re-ment, etc.. thanks to second-hand toy shops + presents from family and friends haha) since I’m more into building a varied one rather than sticking to a specific category.  :yay:

I had some time to rest before going to sleep days ago so I tried out photographing Sakura Miku (which isn’t really mine, but Justin’s.. who also got influenced in nendoroid collecting) and Yukata Miku. These two are so cute! I’m not really into vocaloid’s but ever since I got to see @soo_hack‘s instagram account, I began thinking of purchasing one for myself too. Hehe~


Sakura Miku & Sakura-chan under the Sakura Tree.. too much sakura?? :))

(BTW, You can buy the “Blooming Magic Sakura Tree” here~!)


Sakura Miku’s cherry butt! :))

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