2013, thank you. I wouldn’t have it in any other way.

2013 is probably the year I had the most highs and lows in life.

Hence, an influx of self-reflective posts from a person who does not even like to write in the first place. Woops.

(obligatory photo haha)

To think of it, I might have probably gotten 200 days of “I’m not feeling this / I feel bad” days and 165 of super highs and so-so days. Of course, it does not show in my facebook / instagram posts because I’m the type of person who focuses her energy more on the positivity.  Nevertheless, I am thankful for every good and bad day. I wouldn’t be able to become this appreciative of a person I am today if all the days were good! 🙂

This year, I learned so much. Not the hard way, I think every bit of it was learned the hardest way possible.. and I’m still thankful. : ) I’m really grateful to have met different kinds of people, got to know them and share a piece of me with them even though it’s just a hi or an hello opportunity.

I realized a lot of things about myself because of the circumstances that happened to me. A good friend once told me that life just happens to you.. and the only thing that you can control or get hold of is your attitude / way of thinking about that event. I couldn’t help but agree so. It’s just so true.

Anyway… I’d just like to share my thoughts of my super eventful & blessed 2013. Super kawaii 2013, lol.

2013, you taught me that..

(P.S. this is going to be random, don’t laugh haha! :yay: )

  1. Real happiness comes from within. Real kind of happiness cannot be found in material things, relationships and even in.. achievements, etc. Self-love is the most important. 🙂
  2. I don’t have to please everyone. And I don’t have to explain myself or my own actions/decisions.
  3. Sexiness is indeed a state of mind. During the start of the year when I was in Japan, I achieved my goal weight but what’s really weird was, I didn’t feel attractive / sexy in my about-to-become Miranda Kerr body (lol i wish), haha! After staying in the Philippines for almost half a year, true enough, I gained some of those pounds back BUT.. I have never felt sexiest in my whole life. I even smile back at my own smiling tummy now. : )))  (Try this good read about the 7 Sexy Character Traits of Happy People~)
  4. I shouldn’t stop learning /  studying / upgrading my skills. If you are passionate about something and you’ve been wanting to do it ever since, go for it. When I was younger, I really wanted to bake and do girly kitchen stuff but we didn’t have the means to do so (no oven huhu).. that’s why I’m really happy to discover new and been-wanting-to-do hobbies. 🙂
  5. Comparing oneself to another person is an unhealthy habit. My past self is my one and only competition. Everyone has his/her own kind of heaven and hell. And even purgatory, hehe. And I like my own set of heaven, purgatory and hell. : ))
  6. People are gonna think whatever they want to think about you. This year, I finally learned to stop caring and blocking off the hate / negativity coming  my way. These people do not know who the real me, where I’ve come from or coming from.. so their judgment is invalid unless I allow myself to be engulfed in their dislike, hehe~ (“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So just do it, damn it” haha… wtf haha)
  7. Making your dreams come true can only happen when you step out of your comfort zone. I could have chosen to stay in Japan and do my usual work and enjoy a comfortable life but I decided to choose growth. People sometimes would wonder and question me why I even came back to the Philippines when I’m living the “good life” in Japan…. At first, I didn’t know what to say and just tell them I’m here for 6 months for vacation (or for driving, haha) but for some reason, I’ve always felt within me that I have a mission to complete. And I’m very passionate about it. It’s shallow to hear but I want to spread happiness in the medium I’m really familiar with / in love with… which is kawaii / cuteness. Hehe~
  8. There is really no “I” in “TEAM”. I love you, JapanLover.me Dream Tweam and Kawaii PH team. : )
  9. Being assertive is not a bad thing.  : )
  10. Thoughts are power. 

I think that I have more lessons learned to be listed down but here are the top 10. I love how my blog can either be too shallow (kawaii photospam and spazzing) or too deep such as my posts tagged us “thoughts”. Well, that’s Kaila for you. Haha~!

Happy, happy new year to you! Remember that every day (not just “the new year”) is an opportunity to improve and change your life closer to your ideal / dream one.

Thanks for being with me, I may not be able to reply back most of the time but I am thankful for being able to share my perspective and world to you.


Kaila  :heart:

6 thoughts on “2013, thank you. I wouldn’t have it in any other way.

  1. you achieved so much nee-chan, goodluck for the next year :)) happy new year neechan:)) anyways I’ll have a surprise for yah just wait for it okay :yay:

  2. Happy New Year Ate Kai~! :yehey: Goodluck and we’re happy for your success and the Rainbowholic Corporations. It is indeed a very good news! :yehey: :woww:
    : :33:

  3. It’s a bit early, but Happy New Year to you Kaila~!

    I’m happy to have found your blog, and to even know you as a person and friend. I’ve enjoyed writing about My Japan Dream in your giveaway contest, and all the subsequent blog entries that you posted!! :heart: :heart:

    Keep on growing, and I hope to meet you one day! ((:

    With love,

  4. A Very Happy New Year to you,Kaila!
    I’m a big fan of your work and what you do (And I’m a big fan of you,too! lol)
    When i grow up,My dream is to own a kawaii boutique in Japan. Sometimes i doubt whether i can achieve this dream since who’s ever heard of ANYONE from India (Where I live) do ANYTHING in the world of Kawaii? But I don’t lose hope,and a big part of that is thanks to you and your blog!
    I’ve realized that just because someone (from my country) hasn’t done it yet doesn’t mean I can’t!
    Thank you so much,Kaila! Keep doing what you do,You’re awesome! Don’t let the negativity get to you,And here’s looking forward to a kawaii-er 2014 for you~ :heart: :heart: :33: :33: :yay: :yehey:

    ~A 15 year old from India :heart:

  5. your 2013 was inspiring, even tho you had real bad / low moments! I truly believe this year was turbulent, for a lot of ppl.. but the good thing about turbulence is that we get to know ourselves better, handle crisis and we do our best to stay positive! congrats on all your achievements, Kaila <3 personal ones and team ones! you inspire me in a way that you cant ever imagine! I wish you a 2014 full of bigger dreams and huge will power to make them real… I'll be here, reading, looking at the photo spams and getting motivated <3

  6. first of all, happy new years! second, thank you for making these text posts ;V; they always make me smile, and they always make me think about stuff! 🙂 I love your blog Kaila! I wish I was more like you!


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