A Minute of Escape

This was captured yesterday afternoon, when I was riding the Saikyo line from Shinjuku to Akabane.

I like spontaneous moments like this. I wasn’t expecting anything special to happen that day, until this train came. It’s very rare for me to catch commuter trains in Tokyo with a different-style of  seating arrangement. It was like riding an old romantic train (one of my Europe travel dreams) with strangers beside you.. but only in modern-time Japan setting. : )


I did not edit the colors nor added a background music. For moments like this, you just have to share it as it is. Raw and beautiful. 

I have actually witnessed the most beautiful sunrise (before this) while inside the same line (Saikyo) to Shinjuku in another random day. Couldn’t bother and look for my phone to take a video of it. I was too engrossed at that scenario happening in front of me.

Indeed, there is something special about each day. : )


2 thoughts on “A Minute of Escape

  1. Love speed train too..feel like whole life been flashback in a split of sec..
    Btw, love to read your beautiful life in this cute blog..

  2. i love how your cursor is snowing! :))) I love the raw-ness of the video. I feel like i’m the one on the train–thinking 🙂


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