A Year of Change: 2011

I love seeing my photos printed. And for odd reason, there is something about white borders that I love.  :loveheart:

I spent the whole afternoon filtering snippets of random nostalgic things from a frequently visited folder in my computer, “Photos“. After each photo was printed using my own printer—- it felt weird. I could still remember what kind of feelings or emotions I had during each representing photo. It sounds so deep but it felt like I was having a sudden rush of flashback. The first bento I ate when I arrived Japan, my unbelievable coverage in Junie Moon for Blythe, our graduation photo in my language school, our Halloween-themed picnic in Shinjuku Park, Japan lanterns in Kyoto, my first time to lie down on a railtrack, pictures with strangers, cute classic bikes anywhere in Japan, my killer red bow shoes and watermelon skirt, me in a yellow dress in my university graduation with my AdCreate friends..

There are just too many.

Precious memories that I will store in a treasure chest.. (literal meaning, haha)

Around 200 photos that were selectively printed.


Probably some people would think that printing out photos is too “old skool” when you can just view them on your facebook albums / computer folders. I know that this sounds weird but I have started investing on prints since highschool. I don’t frequently have my photos printed, probably twice to thrice a year only but it would always be a lot. Before I left for Japan, I printed out every college memory I had with my awesome friends to prevent (or the opposite?) homesickness by the time I arrive here. Also, when I grow really old, I doubt that my compiled cds of photos would still be with me so at least I have my own bordered prints to reminisce with.. :blush3:  I would have something interesting to show to my grandchildren and tell them stories about the interesting people I’ve (randomly) met here, my great friends, travels in places, and dreams that I have fulfilled. My photos would be the sole evidence by then! Hehe  :heart: Anyway, enough of prints!

The point of this special blog entry is–

There is so much to thank about 2011. What others say is really true– “A year can change you so much.” I hope it was the positive change for me! Hehe  :3:


2011 was the year:

  • I found love in most unexpected ways.
  • I finally reached my dream since I was a child. I can still remember the day when my brother got me a Japanese fan and a tamagotchi as a souvenir. (He was sent by his school to a science convention here in highchool, and boy he was so amazed and driven when he came back!)
  • I earned (together with my thesismates, Patrick and Gracie) approval from a professor who was known to be hard to please. And we were thisclose to be nominated as best thesis!
  • I learned things in the hardest possible ways. Homesickness, surviving a long-distance relationship, making friends despite the language barrier, introducing yourself even if rejection is 90% possible, and HOUSE CHORES
  • I cried the most. Let’s see if 2012 will be a bit competitive on this, haha!
  • I met amazing people from various cultures and walks of life!
  • I fell in love with creating videos and documentation! I think that I have a stash of over 25 videos here in my mac :O
  • I lost my extra kilos. I still have extras in my tummy and 2012’s gonna burn it all!
  • …  of Kanji Huhuhuhu
  • .. of Rainbowholic  :heart:


Thank you for being with me (through my blog, Rainbowholic) from the day I started blogging again!

Hoping that 2011 was more awesome for you than it was for me~


6 thoughts on “A Year of Change: 2011

  1. Actual printed photos are the best! They get looked at way more than files on the computer :3

    All the best of luck for 2012!

  2. haha…white frames make photos more vintage look.. :cute:
    hope you’ll cry less this year..
    (and loss more kilos) :hihi:

  3. I’d love to print pictures. I might start doing it again soon. I only print probably once a year, around 200 or so each time. Haha. But wow, that is a lot of pictures.

    2011 sounds like it was a good year for you despite all of the crying!! I hope 2012 will be good for you as well!! 🙂

  4. Aww i like printing photos too. im using a film camera and i love it. there is this unexplained (huwaw) XD feelings whenever i see my previous printed photos, it brings back memories (cliche pero true) ang thank you for this photos/post im thinking of putting borders din on my next prints~ hehehe (gaya-gaya) salamat! ^_^ i know this is late pero Happy New Year parin. God Bless (:


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