Here’s A Challenge

I don’t know why but IT’S ALWAYS during the time when I have to do and accomplish many tasks that I find inspiration to write something that I need to get off from my chest. But I just wanna write~ haha! Sometimes I feel philosophical for some reason. What, ahaha~

For the past weeks, I have been meeting people & friends and juggling my work (who would have thought… convention planning?? @_@) here and there. It has been really interesting, really.

Whenever I meet people who dream crazy like me and listen them talk passionately about what they do (or sometimes, troubled thoughts too).. I have come to a conclusion that there could be two types of crazy dreamers.

One who is just a wishful dreamer. The second one is the dream achiever. If you are the “I wish..” person.. please strive to become the “I will..” kind.

Probably, most people associate “achiever” as someone who gets good grades in school & such. For me, anyone can be an “achiever” in another sense. An achiever can be someone who is actively chasing his/her own dream even if it does not require a report card.

Sometimes when I talk to people and ask about what they want to do in the future and they tell me about these grand dreams they wanna do.. and then at the end of the conversation, they sigh & they think to themselves that those are not gonna happen.. sometimes I would be the one who would feel the loss instead? I don’t know, haha. In Tagalog, “Nasasayangan ako.” Weird Kaila is weird. For me, if you want to be a model / artist / athlete etc..  ask yourself, “Why not?”. All these celebrities or big personalities in their own craft that we encounter were once average people too until they created their own luck. So I do not really see any reason why a dream can be unreachable. Sometimes, we come up with our own reasons (“why it will not happen”).  Perhaps the time will take long, perhaps it would require big money, perhaps you are not in that type of situation.. but isn’t life about a fun & rollercoaster journey of events that we should look forward to? I think it’s about doing your best, being gritty, gulping down your worries, telling yourself “I got this” and believing yourself you can do it while you go out.. out from the comfort zone towards a fun adventure to your destination.  “Comfort zone” isn’t just a place where you are comfortable in. Staying inside this zone is also a *decision*.. maybe if you challenge yourself in making riskier decisions that you think would bring you to your destination.. you’ll get yourself out there. We all have been given hands, a body, a mind.. and  power to make our life. This power should be used & unleashed to create situation where our dreams are realized. Like what they say, “If you can or you can’t, you are probably right.

Whenever people would ask me how the hell I make myself “active” in pursuing my dreams, sometimes… I run out of things to advise. What do I do? I don’t have extra special God-given abilities. I just try and do. I’m just a regular human like anyone else. I was not born with rich parents. I didn’t grow up in a perfect environment. In fact, I dreamt a lot.. about wanting my life to change. And I did my best. Life isn’t perfect but.. I think did well by changing my own destiny.

Honestly, sometimes.. the pressure in making any project successful (for this one, Kawaii in Manila 2) makes me feel scared a lot. And sometimes I panic… on my own. But I slap myself mentally to get my senses back. Then I remind myself, it’s just fear.. and fear is just something that is inside our heads.. which means that it is not real. Unless we give in to fear.. then we make it real. ~Do not give in, do not give in~

Sometimes, I do have lots of thoughts & “emotional” setbacks. “Would it work?” “What if it doesn’t?”.. then I realized I was asking myself the wrong questions. If something happens bad and things do not go well, would it really.. really.. really be bad? That bad? And I should be asking myself .. “How do I make it work?” … “If it doesn’t work, what can we do next?” I realized that the quality of questions and decisions also reflect the outcome. Now, I’m trying my best to keep them high and minimal. Too much questions = less productivity.. 🙂

So here is my challenge for you & me.

Let’s achieve, shall we? 🙂


Pensive Kaila


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