How To Become A Better Blogger


Are you a blogger / fellow (kawaii) lifestyle blogger?

Here are some of my tips so you can blog better.  :cheer:

1. Live your {offline} life first* … then blog about the things you want to share after.

P.S. Life doesn’t have to be as perfect as pinterest board pegs. Painting a picture-perfect life will tire you (and it’ll be harder to write about..). Staying real with the great & the not-so-great and being open about your learnings are more interesting. Why? Because they are relatable.

Although take note, keep the rants at the minimum and more positive vibes, of course! : )

2. Read and get yourself inspired.

Read books and blogs that make you feel energized and positive. Choose what you read too.

3. Treat your readers as supportive friends.

Remember, they are the ones who have helped you reach who you are now + who will support you all the way.

4. Never let fame and success get to your head (as my mommy would always remind me).

Doing so is also a recipe for downfall .. so treat “blogging” success as a reward for your hard work, not something to boast about. This also works in whatever field / industry you are in.

5. Collaborate with bloggers and friends.

Give it a shot and email your self-introduction.  You’ll never know.

Extra tip: Before doing so, “build” your blog first by having consistent and “wow” content. I don’t recommend approaching people when you’ve just created your blog the night before and you haven’t even finished it. Great things take time… so invest patience and hard work in your greatness.

6. Blog because you *sincerely* love doing it.

Ask yourself, “Why do I blog? For what purpose?

Sadly, some people blog because they only want to show off their sparkling life and/or they are hungry for fame / celebrity status / perks.

Be the better blogger, and blog with a purpose.

7. Stay real and find your own niche.

You don’t have to cater to all target markets… you just have to be discovered by the right & supportive crowd. When people / co-bloggers around you are competitive, never let yourself think that you are also competing for a spot. There is no such thing as top spot. Why be a rank when you can leave a legacy / mark instead?

You are only* competing against your past self / present status. Aim for self-improvement and with that, you will feel more empowered.

8. Practice taking “nice photos” with good art direction + an idea about it. Think like a creative from the advertising agency.

Most of your readers love great visuals. You don’t need an SLR or expensive camera to post nice / instagrammable photos. Well-thought-of photographs always win eyeballs and catch attention.


These are my current tips. Will add more in the future! Hopefully these would be of any help! ★彡

Good luck! Gambatte!

Love, カイラ

4 thoughts on “How To Become A Better Blogger

  1. Thanks for the awesome post! I’ve been using blogger more regularly now and honestly it really started with another post of yours of why you should start blogging
    Thank you

  2. Thank you for sharing this… I felt like I needed it acctually… lately I´ve not been able to update my blog due to depression and feeling like my life is not interesting, but your update made me look at if from a little bit different perspective 🙂 so thanks again! <3

  3. Hi Ms. Kaila 🙂

    Just want to ask you something related to blogging. Do you usually apply filters to your photos? Or do you stick to one kind of filter and apply it to all ? I’m not good at photography but I want to learn. I’ve been thinking about these things and it’s making me so confused haha ! I hope you’ll answer me. TTuTT

    Thank you ~ much love ! <3

  4. Hello Grace! Yes, I do add filter to my photos. I don’t really stick to one, haha! I’ll try to do a special how-to for beginners about blogging & photography : ) Good luck!


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