My Adventurous 2014

I might be a little late to blog about my own version of new year’s resolutions / 2014 goals..

… but as a friendly reminder for myself, I’ll just post this anyway. Hehe~  :cheer:

Hopefully next year, when I view this post again, I will be able to say.. “Achievement unlocked!“, haha!  :yay:

For 2014, I’m planning to branch out and be more adventurous with Rainbowholic blog  (working on the “All Things Kawaii by Rainbowholic” + crazier projects) while enjoying my offline life at the same time.

Please do watch out for rainbowholicTV because I think I’ll be getting rid of my shyness completely this year. Haha!

Definitely, I’ll be more organized and efficient now. Wish me luck, guys!  :peace:

Andddd, I have a surprise coming one of these days. :what:  Still thinking if I should announce it beforehand, or just afterwards.

Hmmm…  :blush:

<3, Kaila~

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