My Kind of Saturday Morning

I always look forward to Saturday mornings. It’s the day when I can wake up two hours later than my usual time, have my own breakfast in bed while watching episodes, and care about kanji and work contribution later in the afternoon. It’s the most productive part of weekend because I usually want to get all my chores done on this earlier half of the day. Laundry, dishes, arranging my coats (yup, apparently this is a chore for me), and finally.. fix my bed! It’s always crazy during my weekday mornings so I don’t have enough time to fix what I have just slept on. Hehe~

Somehow, by arranging / designing my workplace alleviates my mood.

I have a love affair with Blythe, My Melody, Pooh.. and the sky..??  😉

Today felt like blah… I was actually going to somewhere for an event (I could either choose today or tomorrow) but I don’t know, my mind tells me to go out but my body disagrees! I listened to my body so I just enjoyed my solidarity by cooking my own food and doing my usual exercise routine (Hiphop Abs.. I know, this is just so random @_@).

Even though today was a bit frustrating for me (didn’t feel productive enough, but that’s just me overthinking I guess), I had some good realizations about self-improvement. This year, I promised to myself that I will get myself busy not only with things that I love doing, but also with things I’m worst at. Ever since my brother’s girlfriend has started to teach me basic cooking stuff every woman has to know, I’ve began to enjoy it. Nothing feels better than realizing you’ve just found another hobby!

Another that I’m also frustrated at.. is dancing. Now I regret telling my mom that I would’t continue with my ballet lessons when I was younger. Maybe later, you’ll watch a video of me covering a kpop song or something? : )) Thanks to Hiphop Abs, I didn’t know my body could be this flexible! LOL, this sounds like a testimonial written back at the DVD case. : ))

Well, that’s how my day went. Nothing near work productivity but it was still fun. : )


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