My Life in Japan as Rainbowholic 🌈

Hi all!

After months of collecting clips for this requested video, here it is!

Watch the “A Day in My Life in Japan” video here.

Most people think that when they see my travel photos, perfectly-curated instagram feed (now inactive for an indefinite period), or have watched my videos is that “I have it easy”. A girl living in Japan making kawaii journaling process videos + blogging her life for a living? Wow! (spoiler: I don’t earn that much from youtube / here. Every content that I upload has a purpose & has the similar one why this blog exists.)

Sure, I’m living here in Japan, my dream country… but it doesn’t mean that I’m just always out there having fun creating content. Maybe happily struggling & thriving would be the better description? Haha!

Thinking about it, I am still in this uncomfortable phase where every penny is counted. I have to think of the bills to pay and to live within my means. Sometimes, I have familial responsibilities and I need to also help out. When I have extra, I always think, how can this blessing help me in the future? This is why I’ve chosen to invest & reinvest in the things that I’m most passionate about even though I know everything will take time. Time passes by & I know that in my heart, if I do my best, I’ll eventually reach this goal I have in mind & I’ll just laugh about the times when I struggle. I think that even if I reach my ultimate dream, there will still be struggles too. By that time, I hope that I’ve become stronger. I look forward to the day when I just share about my entire journey & hoping that it inspires someone out there, young or old. I can only share some stories here for the meantime, haha.

Since I am feeling a little bit pensive today, I just wanna share something.

I always get this question a lot from my DMs / emails and I just want to share this piece of advice and the current mindset that I have.

How can I achieve my dream to be a full-time artist / creator / blogger / creative person?

First of all, dive into this craft (for example: blogging / making videos) if you are wholeheartedly not thinking about what it would give you in return (earn money from it). People often ask me how I stay motivated & creative at the same time without feeling that too frustrated. How I manage to upload aΒ  lot of videos (for example, 17 videos in 1 month?!) even if I have other jobs. When I started everything, I just wanted to improve myself, see how I can teach myself in the process, and just treated it as a hobby. Some people start youtube channels / blogs & putting themselves in a really scary situation that could have been avoided (being frustrated with growth / “why my invested time is not yet returned”, etc.).

After applying this principle I’ve learn from theΒ Big Magic book by Elizabeth Gilbert, I realized that we should not demand our art / whatever passion that we have to pay our bills / living. When we do, we have tendencies to get frustrated and it’s no longer fun, there might be even a time wanting to just give up on it. My advice would be, don’t give up your not-so-artsy job for pursuing the artsy passion dream on a whim especially if you cannot even feed yourself from it. Avoid yourself from being frustrated & find ways on how to be happy with your current situation even if it’s not perfect. Learn time management and honestly, if you really love something, you WILL make time for it (I try my best to wake up early before work to film/edit.. lol). If not, it’s not really something you want to do. Then when your craft / art can comfortably provide for you, then that is the time to have a graceful exit when you can just focus on it.

It is okay if you work at a company / somewhere else and you juggle your art / creative pursuits. It does not make you less of an artist. A person can be good at multiple things at the same time & we can have various interests & talents. When I tried out English teaching, I was able to practice being comfortable in front of an audience (may it be 1 yr. old kids to 12 yr. olds lol). One of my BIGGEST insecurities before was to speak in front of a crowd in my second language (English). Right now, I’ve managed to convert it into a skill after years of practice by blogging & talking to people I could practice English with. My next goal is to be fluent in Japanese.

In my other job/s, I work my best there and when I go home, I go back to being a Rainbowholic. I have experiences of working even if I didn’t really like the kind of work that I would do. Since I lacked experience that time, I really just tried my best to see what I could learn from that kind of work (I observed a lot). Little did I know that the things that I had to “put up with” before has become my strong foundation now. As a 27 yr. old, I can proudly say that I learned a lot from admin-related work (accounting, etc.). Now that I am in a saving up mode for my future business, I know that when the time is ripe, I would l be able to use my past experiences as reference in the future.

There was a time in my life when I kind of wondered how it would feel like if I came from a rich family instead when my parents can just help me with rent or provide my “starter pack” and all.. but that is fantasy for me haha. I stopped wondering & didn’t give myself anymore excuses. I told myself, “Just work on it, does not matter if I have to juggle different kinds of sidelines, as long as I am making an effort then I’m good.” Complaining about things I cannot change is just tiresome & making me lose time. Slowly but surely, I was able to connect the dots and I’m proud to say that I haven’t lost that drive when I started blogging / being an online creator. Maybe now, I create with more vigor. ^^

Anyway, I just really wanted to get these thoughts unloaded from my brain today, haha! I hope that by sharing my mindset, it will enlighten someone out there who’s in the same situation. : )

Until the next post because I have to go to work now.. lol~



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  1. Kaila, you’re such an inspiration to me! I wish you the best and hope that one-day things get easier for you and that your dreams become a reality! β™₯


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