On Not Taking Things Personally

Hi all!

I’m currently escaping from my real job today. Just kidding! :)) I’ve already finished all the required tasks for JLM store (for the first half of the day haha) but will resume later! 😉

Anywaaaay, I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for so long but I figured that this is the right time to do so. I super miss writing reflection papers here! Just recently, I experienced something that tested my “maturity” again haha.


Often times, we get super disheartened (and eventually, angry / mad / negative) when we face rejection, when something unfavorable happens, or when somebody treats us poorly (in an unexpected way!). Throughout the years, I think that I had shed a lot of tears and I had consciously let myself sulk for days because of these situations that I was into. Circumstances that I did not even want to be in (I mean, who wants to be saaad?). However, all those years & not-so-good experiences have become my gems.. experiences-turned-pages of my very own life manual of “what should Kaila do in the future”. I realized that before, whenever a sad situation arises (let’s compare this to “spilled milk”), I would have the tendency to silently beat myself up (and at some point, I would also believe my overly emotional self that I was indeed.. the victim) and continue to spill the milk more lol because I got my emotions scattered all over the place. Good thing was.. it wasn’t too late when I realized that even if it was not my fault / idea or this sad situation was brought upon by an external factor, I should be strong enough not to take it to heart. No matter what others tell about you or how poorly they treat you when you’re trying to be sincere and genuine, those do not matter at all in reality (another learning: don’t expect anything in return even if you give 😉 ). And that’s what I have been trying my best to “train” myself for the past years even if I’ve stumbled along the way too. Phew.

I don’t really want to cite a specific experience but I guess the point of what I’m just trying to impart with this blog entry is that.. let’s choose to be free. One will only feel truly free if he/she stops taking things personally. When you listen (there’s a difference between listening & believing vs. hearing & just knowing) and take things personally, you are actually allowing yourself to waste precious energy you could have exerted in more positive things. Now, whenever I’d encounter situations wherein I would feel as if I was being “trolled” (or the other side is being unfair towards me), I would just rather be honest and walk away when it’s too much already. As of the moment, I’m really justt too busy to dwell. Haha. I’ve decided that I want to live my life consciously by choosing quality (quality circle of friends / quality business partners / everything quality). Sometimes it’s hard to decide what stays in or stays out of your life.. but we gotta do it. We have to be realistic and practical and filter the golden good from the bad. If you truly value self-love, you will only associate yourself (even if it’s only internally as of the moment) with an inspiring environment that could boost your morale & motivate you to do things! 🙂

Life will be more challenging and challenging for us as we grow and mature as individuals. It’s up to us if we want to spend most of ours hours within the day taking things personally and by getting ourselves affected by external factors so much (Future Kaila, read this all over again haha). I realized that some of the stress I had been feeling was coming from the way I also react to certain situations. If somebody treats me poorly again in the future, I’ll just gather up all my courage and energy to use these to chase more dreams and forget about this “somebody” (and let the universe decide what should happen to this one). I’d rather use these bad experiences as fuel / drive for success than let them get into my heart and make me feel discouraged / mad / negative. I think that whenever I am being provoked and affected too much, there’s a devil somewhere who is silently happy and giggling seeing me being all stressed out with my negative reactions / situations. Uhmm, dude, no. :))

Sorry Mr. Devil but this girl’s got a “how to live a stress-free life* manual with her already. Haha! 🙂

I guess that would be all for now. Yay musings ~




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