Someday You Will Miss Today

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Have you ever felt that every day has become so monotonous?

For weeks, I’ve been feeling like that. I wanted time to hurry up. I’d get excited and carried away about my future plans and dreams that I have started to begin neglecting the present. Whenever I miss a train by a second or two, I’d get annoyed. Whenever the green signal of the pedestrian stop light turns red exactly when I’m about to cross the street, I’d regret for walking so slow. I was trying my best to dodge those spontaneous “thinking times” whenever I have to wait for something. I wasn’t appreciative of the present. I was being impatient.

Then it hit me.

All the ideas that are forming inside this head of mine come from these times that I describe as dull. Realizations that struck me (that have changed my perspective about things) happen during these times. Even boring days have special moments. I just have to change the way I think.


There is something special about each day.

4 thoughts on “Someday You Will Miss Today


    I have same sentiments like yours… I easily get pissed when the green light turns red and when the train arrives and goes, while I’m still waiting in line for the tickets or when the jeepney dashes in front of you and other people will have the chance to have the ride.

    a dash of salt and pepper to our lives… makes it extra tasty and it gives us very a exciting, fun and memorable results

  2. The video so awesome.

    This blog post has made me realize that I’ve also thought of the same thing. Like, each day is just passing by so fast and nothing significant really happens in it. Like, you just let the time pass and do your own daily routine.

    But then I realize that each day is a gift and each day should always be appreciated. /sudden senti mode

    Anyways~ Omg ate!! So cool~ @w@ I can imagine you walking holding the camera and all those *click**click* sounds everytime step you take and all. :)) The video makes me feel like I’m in Japan hihi~

  3. I have the same feeling too! :))
    “If I only run from the station, then I would have rode the jeepney earlier and arrive at school earlier.”, thoughts like that. When I entered College, minutes, hours, and days pass by very quickly that I just recently realized that I have given all my time at my school works and didn’t do anything that was totally enjoyable. That’s why right now, even though I’m busy I still save time to do the things that I love <3. I now also enjoy everything what each day brings whether it's good or bad :).
    More power to your blog~! Thank you for always motivating us ^_^. And Also for the video~! It feels like I've been there in Japan at that moment. I Hope to go there soon~


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