Tokyo Fashion Fun

I first encountered when I was still in college, probably during my freshman or sophomore year. I have always considered it as my favorite online fashion magazine mainly for crazy cool Japanese Street Fashion. This was my favorite entry back then. I even emailed my brother Eric to buy me a Popples merchandise because I was so jealous of Vani and Yuka of 6%DOKIDOKI! I never received a Popples merchandise though. Haha!

When I came to Japan, I still followed this website everyday. I couldn’t help it.. because Tokyo Fashion was always on my facebook feed! :cheer:  I intensely enjoyed their daily updates and efforts to bring and promote Harajuku / Tokyo Fashion to the world through facebook, twitter, and tumblr. “Maaan, this website is taking over my the world!” was what I was thinking… I guess I owe my being “fashionably adventurous” personality to Tokyo Fashion. I saw how the girls in their photos had confidence in expressing themselves through fashion… and I was immensely influenced by that.   :what:

And then one day, I decided to send an email about becoming a contributor. I just gave it a try because it was one of my wildest dreams to work with them.

The next thing I knew… we were already eating yakiniku with everyone in a restaurant in Nakano. I wanted to cry when they accepted me! Tokyo Fashion is my ~fashion~ family here in Japan! Even though I have problems with my short term memory that cannot remember brand names unless you mention those to me a million times, they still welcomed me to be part of their team. They have taught me many things / given me opportunities to meet people which I wouldn’t learn / receive from anyone else and I couldn’t thank them enough for that. And they’re always fun to be with! This is not work– this is “play“! : ))))

Okay, enough of my novel..!  :tongue:


Published Photos, Videos, Etc.

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