Why I Blog + My Life Purpose

I do things out of love and pure passion.

And other priorities and perks are just secondary to me.

Currently, I am still in the process of connecting what I love + making a living out of it.

After earning a lot of life experiences ever since I was a child & when I moved to Japan, I realized that in everything that you do…  there should be a deeper purpose. For a girl like me who is a crazy dreamer / loves challenges, dual or triple purpose would be the minimum. What’s the point of doing something when you don’t even believe it or see any meaning in continuing it for a longer time? Well… these are just me and my thoughts, hehe! 🙂

I took a dive into blogging when I was 13-14 because I wanted to escape from the reality because of my tough childhood. I created my own blog designed with hand-drawn and scanned rainbow doodles. I taught myself how to understand codes, make art with photoshop, and establish my own individuality online. I told myself that once I realized my “Japanese Dream” (studying, working and living here).. I would blog everything, everyday.. and every time I would be able to do so.

Years later, almost all of my written aspirations  from my previous blog posts.. have come to life.

And frighteningly (in a good sense), sometimes..  everything will feel surreal to me again.

This blog exists because I just want to have my little world I can decorate with.

I want to surprise my future self with my own personal documentation of growth and journey towards reaching my dreams.

I blog because this is my platform where I can express myself creatively.

Because people have told me that my blog has been their source of motivation (through shared learnings).. I believe that this blog’s purpose has reached another level.

Now, it is not only for me.

But also for those people who need:

… life advice from an ordinary person (but with extraordinary dreams like most of us are) ..

…. a quick kawaii fix through photospammed entries ..

… fuel of encouragement for their own journey.

I am extremely thankful that people appreciate what I do and they express it through likes, hearts and comments… but I do not blog because of the fame, the glory, the number of likes and the followers. Not for the sponsored posts and all the wonderful opportunities this hobby has blessed me with. I blog not because it has made me become a “personality” over the internet. I do not wish to be just an “it girl” in this current generation or an overnight sensation. I aspire to be more than that.

I blog because I love doing it, with all my heart. And through blogging, I have successfuly enabled myself to create doors of opportunities to be discovered.. just by being my usual quirky self. 🙂

I blog because blogging taught me a lot of values. How to be consistent. How to continuously strive for self-improvement and how to love and accept yourself as imperfectly perfect you are, at the same time (two different values but that’s how it is). I learned how to be appreciative about the little things .. which are not worldly things. I have learned a lot through blogging, as you can tell.

And honestly, having an outlet is so therapeutic, that is why I highly recommend this hobby. 🙂 And when you blog, you ponder, reflect and take a breath. And I think that we all need that once in a while.. especially when life catches us unprepared.

“Thank you for being.. you.”

…. was probably the most touching compliment / statement I have ever received.

(Thank you Imani, for the sweetest words!)

All the sleepless nights and busy bee mornings are worth it when you know that what you have been doing is not only for you, but also for another person out there.


When I got sick years ago (at a very young age of 21?) and I was trapped in a hospital here in Japan..

.. and I felt like I was about to die because of the painful attacks..

That period of time, I was so selfish.

I was doing things only for myself. I only thought of myself.

I haven’t done anything “meaningful” yet to anyone .. haven’t made a difference in this world.

I asked myself that if I were to leave this world tomorrow, what would the things that I wish I had done?

I was very confused that time. I didn’t even know which path to take, which dream to focus on..

.. but all I wanted was to just “leave a legacy”.

And this is my long-term legacy in the making.

I believe that this is now my second life. A purpose-driven life.

And I am striving to make this right.

To enjoy the journey of trials and errors,

.. to spend my energy on what really matters in real life,

.. to go out my comfort zones and become more fearless in a positive sense,

.. to actually give a damn about the world and use blogging as a tool in doing so,

.. to do things not only for the sake of earning money,

.. but to actually celebrate my victories in form of sharing of blessings instead.

かわいい (kawaii) + motivation

These two words are my dreams & aims.

I want to change the world with kawaii.

I want to make a mark, leave a legacy, and inspire others.

These are my personal dreams. And thank you for witnessing these with me through every post I publish here. ^^



And lastly, I really hope that you enjoy roaming around my blog..

.. as you get a glimpse of my life of simple joys and reflection papers.