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Hello all! Just a short commercial break. <3

Do you guys remember my mini blog survey month(s) ago? Me asking about what would you like to learn from me?

Well, here is my not-so-secret-anymore personal project!


kaila sensei logo

“Kaila Sensei” (www.kaila-sensei.com) is a self-improvement + tutorial resource blog filled with simple how-to’s, geeky tutorials & kawaii life hacks by yours truly.

This blog aims to teach and offer simplified tutorials with topics ranging from blogging, WordPress customization, e-commerce, goal-setting, personal branding, planning & strategizing, project management, turning your passion into work, finding your niche, and everything in between with cuteness as a twist.

Kaila Sensei aims to inspire its readers that anyone can do and achieve dreams, start a cause, make a name from scratch, and build a personal brand… as long as there is willingness to learn by heart.

Yes, you can still rule the world with that big red bow on your hair and establish your empire with your favorite jammies on.

Learn, simplify, strategize, plan ahead, be flexible with your strategies yet stubborn about your dreams, enjoy the process, breathe, and stay awesome. heart emoticon

Logo design by Keesh

It is still currently in the works (maybe just 20%) but this is what I would like to focus on this coming August! I really missed teaching through my website.

Did you know that when I first had my own domain / “dot com” during my teenage years, it was a blog filled with tutorials about basic photoshop, html, css, .. and even php?

Now.. I have decided that I should do it again! I will be releasing the upgraded versions of these “basic tutorials” with screenshots and photos of my #WIPs (work-in-progress). Most of my frequently asked questions would be about how I post-process my photos, how I plan / organize events (while our team is online-based), personal branding, and so much more. I want to keep my blog “Rainbowholic” as a blog with feelings (lololol) so I thought that it might be best to make another resource website before this turns into a complete “how to ___” blog, haha. What I have been doing for the past decade is mostly self-taught (I didn’t learn webdesign / wordpress / blogging / etc. from highschool / university lol) and I would like to teach you folks on how to enjoy learning that could help you with your current / future passion-filled work. : )

I still have JLM Store (website) to finish this week, but once it’s up and stable, I’ll work on Kaila Sensei duties. : )

Thank you all and I’m just so happy I could announce it today! Props to Keeshia, one of my favorite illustrators (Manila-based), for designing my logo. <3



5 thoughts on “Kaila Sensei

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Your Photoshop/html tutorials were the most helpful things ever when I was just a noob in Photoshop 28409823092 years ago. Please also postt a “How to be productive” tutorial (??) because you’re definitely one of the most productive people I know :(( <3 workaholic.us prexy talaga haha SO EXCITED WHEN IT REACHES 100% WEEEEEE~ #support

  2. Wowieee 😀 gosh I’m so very exited and I really heard the *drumrolls* in my head when I saw the cuute illustration ^_~ ^₩^

  3. Ohhhh… Yep. Those days when tutorial sites were big- I used to own one as well as a little 13-year old. XD

    Anyway, I’m really stoked for this! 🙂 I’m especially looking forward to your Project management and Planning/Strategizing tutorials as I’m one of the most scatterbrained people you’ll ever meet. Also hoping for a LOT of screenshots for those.

    Will keep checking back for updates! 🙂 Reeealllyyy excited already.


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