KEEP YOUR CHILL + Sukajan Photo Services + JLM Work Preview!

Hi everybody!

Just spamming my blog with these sukajan / souvenir jacket photos at work! 🙂


Little Miss Paintbrush‘s badass kawaii sukajan-themed illustrations!

Japanese Souvenir Jacket photos by our in-house photographer, Justin Japan

Japanese Souvenir Jackets or more famously known as the “Sukajan” (Skajang/Skajan) trace their roots in the Asia Pacific during the World War II when the American troops stationed in the Pacific have wanted to have some “memories” or souvenirs of their foreign assignments to bring back home. It has sort of become a solidarity uniform or remembrance of their posts and service in the war and their comrades with whom they have spent some of the bravest time of their lives. It is said to have originated from Yokusuka in Kanagawa Prefecture where its name is thought to have come from – “Suka” from Yokosuka and “Jan” from the Japanese term Jumper or ジャンパー or jacket in layman’s term. The famous maker of them during that time is the staunch brand, TOYO Enterprises, which still exists until today. These days it has evolved to become the ultimate and iconic Japanese fashion “cool-tural” export product that resembles cool and street all combined in one statement.

JLM STORIES series ft. Anne

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Souvenir Jacket New Arrivals

My personal favorite for winter season.

Sukajan / Souvenir Jacket Fashion Shoot Pictorial Services

Read more about our packages / rates here!

My co-creative director here at JLM STORE (Japan Team) 🙂

JLM STORE’s roots = Finest Japanese Arts & Antiques



JLM STORE Free Shipping Campaign (Until Jan 25!)

Japanese vintage tin toys from JLM STORE

Star Wars paracords


And that was all just a preview of what I / we do here at Japonisme. ^^

Do you have a favorite sukajan design from our store? If yes, what is your pick?

<3, カイラ

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